About Learning

We were all born with an inherent excellence in learning ... As babies we learnt to walk and talk just for starters! We still have the skills to be excellent learners because we still have the same means of discovery that we had as infants – our senses.

It is through our senses that we access all the information tied into all learning experiences, all life experiences. We create our own understanding and 'sense' by making connections with what we already know or have previously experienced.

Many people have a preferred learning sense through which they access information more easily – generally visual, auditory and kinaesthetic ( movement or touch) are the main preferred learning senses. Although babies do loads of their learning and discovery by putting things in their mouth to make good use of their gustatory sense!

By identifying our own or our learner's (be they our children, school pupils or the colleagues we work with) preferred learning sense we can begin to understand why some information is more easily accessed, remembered and understood. Knowing this can be very empowering in enabling learners to recognise why some subjects, tasks, etc seem more difficult than others. To enhance our own and our learners' abilities we can practise to become adept at using all our senses to experience learning.

Our questionnaires enable you in simple way to discover your preferred learning sense or senses.

Enjoy the discovery....

Then consult our Learning Tips to find ways to move you to being an even better learner than you already are ...!

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