IES Learning tips

Visual Learner

You should try these things:
Auditory Learner

You should try these things:
Kinaesthetic Learner

You should try these things:
Draw your ideas in sketches. Read out loud. Keep your hands busy when you are working. Copy/Word Process and things.
Draw 'Mind-Maps' and use little pictures and colours to make them better. Say ideas out loud when learning on to tape, and play back. Pace about (if you don't disturb others) fixing ideas as you go.
Create pictures in your head of what you need to learn. Discuss ideas with another person. Make mind maps.
Invent picture stories, which link ideas visually in your mind. Repeat what you are learning out loud. Make 'cut and stick' mind maps and posters. Do this with ICT.
Use video, look at picture books use internet to learn. Make up a 'rap' tune of Mnemonic to the words or ideas you are learning. Make models.
Make posters/comic strips. Listen to radio and audio revision tapes. Write things on cards and sort them e.g. letters.
Write a visual diary.

Play relaxing background music. Write action stories.
    Do simple sitting gym when you feel stuck.

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