Mind Styles

Anthony F. Gregorc, Ph. D., is a researcher, lecturer, consultant, author and President of Gregorc Associates, Inc. His career has included positions as a teacher, professor, and lecturer throughout the world.

Gregorc's Mind Styles model provides an organized way to identify how the mind works.


We all have the ability to perceive in concrete and abstract ways to some extent, most of us are more at ease with using one more than the other. A natural concrete thinker will often communicate in a very direct, literal, no nonsense manner, whilst a natural abstract may use subtle methods such as metaphor to get the same meaning. Conversations between one of each thinking style may contain a lots of misunderstanding.

Ordering Ability

We all have ability in both these ways of ordering but usually we tend to use one more easily and comfortably than the other. Gregorc proposed that there are four combinations of the strongest perceptual and ordering ability in each individual:

  1. Concrete Sequential (CS)
  2. Abstract Random (AR)
  3. Abstract Sequential (AS)
  4. Concrete Random (CR)

Click on the links to identify your own mind style or that a learner you have in 'mind'!

Knowing our dominant mind style can enable us to see why some tasks or experiences seem easier or more enjoyable than others.

If our learners (be they our children, our pupils, colleagues or friends) identify their mind style, they can become even more adept at learning if they focus on activities or situations that stretch them.

At IES learning we consider all people to be always learners and that all life experiences hold lessons for us if we look for them. Equipping ourselves to be even better learners enables us to get even more from our lives. Our Resilience Rebalancing sessions enable individuals to learn more about their own patterns of thought and behaviour.

When we are leading or facilitating learners, providing situations that can be adapted for each mind style will provide a more effective experience for the group members.

IES learning workshops are very effective at providing experiences that enable all preferred learning senses and mind styles to access the content and ideas. For professional educators we provide 'take away' packages of techniques for you to implement in your own classrooms.

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