Study Styles

At some time or another most of us have had to settle down to 'study' whether it be to revise for exams, carry out research (something as simple as buying a new 'fridge can mean we have to research!), do personal paperwork etc etc etc!

Surprise, surprise!! There is more than just our way of doing 'studying'.

Try out our questionnaires to see if you are a doer, a thinker, or a planner. Recognizing your study habits or that of your learners can enable you to become more adept at the process. For those of us involved with young people coming up to exams recognizing their natural study habit can provide us with insight as to how we can best support them.

Once submitted, the questionnaires provide top tips for making your approach to 'study' even more effective.

The IES learning workshops Making the Grade and Making the Grade – Together are specifically designed for assisting exam students and their parents or carers to study and revise more effectively.

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