IES Learning workshops

with Fiona West

Making the Grade

Unlocking the Secrets of Easy, Effective Revision

1 Day Workshop

How to Harness the Power of your Brain

This workshop will enable learners to:
  • to keep their brains happy
      - happy brains find learning easier!
  • squeeze the most out of their brains
      - discover their best learning skills!
  • see that there is more to life than mind-maps
      - other visual tools to make remembering easier
  • discover their preferred learning and thinking styles and determine which revision activities work best
  • experiential and active (not "chalk and talk")
  • practical activities, alone, in pairs and groups
  • an opportunity to try out strategies there and then
  • it's fun!
Target audience:
  • Yr 11 and 10 students mainly but Yr 9's approaching SATs will find it useful too

Keeping the Channels Open

Communication and Relationships with Teenagers

One Day Workshop

Exploring how to maintain and improve communication with teenagers

This workshop will enable learners to:
  • Identify teenage behaviours and possible causes.
  • Identify adult responses and possible causes.
  • How to determine what is and what isn't OK - establishing boundaries.
  • Develop the listening and speaking skills that maximise effective communication.
  • How to select and maintain the best state for the preferred outcome in any interaction.
  • Strategies for managing conflict to reduce stress and upset for all involved parties.
  • experiential and active - not more "chalk and talk".
  • practical activities demonstrated, alone, in pairs and groups.
  • Learn and practise new strategies there and then.
  • Fun!!
Target audience:
  • Parents or Carers of teenagers, or pre-teens, wishing to improve the quality of their communication (and relationships) with their teenagers.

Through IES Learning, Fiona helps parents, carers and professionals in developing and exchanging effective communication and relationship skills and strategies in workshop settings